Welcome to SAEsupermileage.com

9/24/2020 11:24:00 AM   SAE Supermileage Series

Welcome to SAEsupermileage.com!

Introducing http://www.saesupermileage.com - the newest Collegiate Design Series web resource and your source for the latest, most up to date SAE Supermileage news and information!

Below are some of the great resources that you and your team have access to on SAEsupermileage.com:

  • News Feed: Your one stop shop for the latest news and update on the SAE Supermileage competition! To access the News Feed, either click the 'News' tab or visit http://www.saesupermileage.com/go/news.

  • Series Resources: This is the area that houses the SAE Supermileage Rules, important documents, event resources, and more! To access Series Resources, either click the 'Series Resources' tab or visit http://www.saesupermileage.com/go/downloads.

  • Ability to Ask Rules Questions: Learn how to Ask a Rules Question and how to access the Rules FAQ!

  • Submit Required Event Documents: All documents must be submitted via www.saesupermileage.com. Each submission box includes file requirements including file types and size requirements. Learn more about how to submitting required documents here.

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