2021 SAE Supermileage Competition Changes

3/19/2021 11:49:56 AM   SAE Supermileage Series

In early September SAE launched a plan for the 2021 CDS Competition Season that encompassed all five of the traditional Collegiate Design Series programs. Since that announcement, we have been pushing out announcements on deadlines, event logistics and any changes taking place using the newsfeed and monthly newsletters including releasing a Validation Event Contingency Plan in February.

In the Validation Event Contingency Plan, we informed student teams to expect a Go/No-Go event announcement on the date of May 13th from SAE and the local organizer.

We are sorry to inform those teams registered that the 2021 SAE Supermileage Validation Event will not be able to take place this year. The Event Site Host has determined that due to the pandemic requirements for the state of Michigan, the site will regrettably not be able to host Supermileage in 2021.

Teams had a required financial commitment date of April 14th. For those teams who have already paid for the Validation Event, SAE will begin processing a refund.

Plans for the 2021 SAE Supermileage Knowledge Event are still moving forward. The Local Organizer and volunteers are excited to see what teams have developed with the new the 2021 event challenge to propose a vehicle capable of still achieving amazing fuel economy over the 9.6-mile course while navigating the oval track in a clockwise path.

Team Presentation Schedule should be posted on or before April 22, 2021.